Conference site
The conference will be held at the Faculty of Polish Studies (Gołębia 16) in room 42.

Friday, Nov 18

13:30 Conference Opening
14:00 Coffee Break
Panel A
14:30 Magdalena Bednorz: A fair plague maiden: spectres and gender in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
15:00 Piotr Sterczewski: Reclaiming the Historical Space: Krakowski Szlak Kobiet (Kraków Trail of Women), the First Polish Herstorical Board Game
15:30 Coffee Break
Panel B
16:00 Aleksandra Mochocka: Ecocritical reading of Steam Park (2013) board game
16:30 Bartłomiej Musajew: Between Incorporation and Introjection: The Virtual Spaces of Mourning in Pathologic and Dear Esther
17:00 Darshana Jayemanne: Ontological Dominant and the Ludic Aesthetics of The Crying of Lot 49
17:30 Coffee Break
18:00 Keynote Speech: Joyce Goggin: Literary Theory and Games: Where the Twain Meets

Saturday, Nov 19

Panel C
10:00 Morning Coffee
10:15 Jan Svelch: Rethinking Video Game Paratextuality
10:45 Isabelle Lefebvre and Carl Therrien: Framing the Gameplay Experience: a Historical Perspective of Video Games and Paratext
11:15 Mateusz Kominiarczuk: Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss – Fan Expansion as a Ludic Palimpsest: Game in the Second Degree
11:45 Coffee Break
Panel D
12:15 Tomasz Gnat: The Turn of the Digital Screw. Mundane and Unremarkable as Interactive Entertainment.
12:45 Ea Christina Willumsen: Avatars, Playable Figures, and (Player) Characters in Gameworlds/Fictional
Worlds/Storyworlds – The Power of Terminology
13:15 Sebastian Möring: The Care-Structure in Computer Games and Computer Game Interpretations
13:45 Lunch Break
Panel E
15:00 David Myers: Possible worlds and actual stories / Part 2.
15:30 Michał Kłosiński: On myself as the other in video games
16:00 Hans-Joachim Backe: The Struggle with Structure
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Keynote Speech: Souvik Mukherjee: Empire Plays Back: Videogames for the Other, the Minor and the Margins

Sunday, Nov 20

Panel F
10:30 Morning Coffee
10:45 Marta Matylda Kania: This Dark Area Between the Doors. On and in The Beginner’s Guide
11:15 Daniel Vella: “There May Be No Answers, But Still One Must Forge Ahead”: Dark Souls and Romanticism
11:45 Coffee Break
Panel G
12:15 Krzysztof M. Maj: The Dialectics of Immersion: Minigames, Gameworld, and World-building
12:45 Timothy Welsh: Fictional Worlds, Freemium Economics, and the Shifting Locus of Competition in *Grand Theft Auto V Online*
13:15 Michał Żmuda: Games at the Threshold: Paratexts and Storyworld Creation in Digital Games
13:45 Lunch Break
Panel H
15:00 Carl Therrien and Isabelle Lefebvre: “Lock and Load”. Shaping the Game and Targeting the Audience in Video Game Advertisements (1981-1996)
15:30 Espen Aarseth: Ludo- vs. Logo-centrism: Criticism and Crisis in Game Studies
16:00 Veli-Matti Karhulahti: Playing Review: The Art of Research Evaluation
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Round Table and Closing Remarks